NIPCO™ Multiflex


More glaze, more density, softer, touch, more flexible embossing and area controlled pressure lines

Our development has been the so called Nipco™ HT, a Nipco™ bowl with flexible pressure setting across the width, for finishing of technical textiles, the most important development over the last years and the Nipco™ covered with cotton or paper. Now, we are presenting one step further: a new Nipco™ system bowl with three independent pressure lines, each pressure line individually controlled and area controlled, if requested. This Nipco™ Multiflex calender to be used as embossing machine, e.g. for automotives, for highest lustre and soft touch in many textile applications. The so called CHINTZ effect has now been optimized. Two steel bowls acting against either GTP6 or TopTec3 sleeve, give a magnificent result. The centre Nipco™ system bowl has 3 independent pressure lines and at any time two of them can be combined to reach your targets, the third pressure line is then acting as stabilizing retracting line. Optimal effects through 3 separate operated pressure levels in one single working process. Nipco™ Multiflex the first 5 bowls calender with two hard nips Steel/GTP6/Steel and two soft nips combined between GTP6/Cotton and Cotton/Cotton. Same basic equipment to be used as Multiflex embossing calender by replacing both steel bowls by two engraved bowls with individual design. Most interesting for automotive applications, e.g. for seat cover embossing, even with 3 embossed bowls to be combined instead of the cotton bowl underneath.

Optimal effects through 3 separate operated pressure levels in one single working process

Your advantage:

  • Universal calender with high production speeds
  • Up to 5 bowls, max 3 pressure lines each pressure line individual controlled and independent controlled across the width
  • No more pre calendering as all requested results are now combined in one machine
  • More glaze, more lustre, more textile handling and more softness as ever prior on a calender reached
  • 16 different fabric passages, each pressure line individual controlled via proportional valves
  • All functions controlled and reselectable by Siemens S7 software
  • Multi purpose embossing unit with 3 embossed Steel bowls, each individual to be selected

Different fabric passages

The 5 bowls of this new generation of Guarneri Technology. Nipco™ Multiflex calender offers the possibility to select the most suitable fabric passage among several combinations. By using the Nipco™ Technology, in its defined nip configuration for embossing effects, the calender offers the possibility to select, through a ‘revolving system’, one of 3 different designs without changing the bowls. All nips are controlled by this well known Nipco™ system combined with one soft nip, cotton/cotton, as to where a small diameter cotton bowl is acting on an enlarged cotton bowl, reaching a result close to frictioning. This means highest density and most softened touch.