Heating Systems

GT offers different heating systems. These systems depend in Customer's demand

Electro Hot Water

EHW heating system which acts as an immersion heater, using distilled water to generate the steam which is pressurised in the steam chamber, gives a very even spread of heat across working width of the bowl width with a temperature accuracy of +/- 1,5°C.
Your advantage: high temperature accuracy, cleanleness, space-saving and maintenance-free.

Peripherical drilling system

Peripherical drilling allows the diathermic oil to run very close to the surface of the roller, considerably decreasing heating and cooling times, not only that, but the diathermic oil circulates in the peripheral drilling from right to left and vice-versa, ensuring perfect temperature uniformity and considerable energy savings.
Your advantage: the immediate reaction on decreased fall of temperature is guaranteed.

Thermal Oil Heating

A widely used system in which diathermic oil flows through the single chamber of the central bore of the roller.
Your advantage: reachable temperature 250°C or above on request. Temperature accuracy +/- 1.5°C. Fast heating and cooling times if the secondary unit is equipped with a cooling system.