Conventional Calender

Constant line force and a defined crown

Conventional Calender GTC260

Guarneri Technology™ 2 bowl conventional calender offers constant line force and a defined crown on the steel roller surface.

All our conventional calenders are equipped with Siemens S7 PLC and with 4 different softwares in order to obtain the best production results.

Conventional Calender GTC360

Guarneri Technology™ 3 bowl conventional calender concept is the best-seller calender for different applications. With its different bowls configuration gives high performance where the deflection compensation control is not required.

Conventional Calender GTC470

Guarneri Technology™ 4 bowl conventional calender is called UNIVERSAL calender due to the different possibilities of finishing on the fabric. With its 12 different bowls configuration is very well appreciate where the camber on the rollers are accepted.

Conventional Calender GTC570

Guarneri Technology™ 5 bowl conventional calender is called THE SOFT MONSTER due to its dimensions and due to the degree of softness reached in its roller nips.