Wide range of Covers and Sleeves

The wide range of covers and sleeves, allows us to choose the best solution for our customers and fabric types to process.

Cotton Cover

GT cotton cover is made by 100% Egyptian long fiber natural cotton. Cotton threads are oriented circumferentially around the bowl giving far greater strength to the cover and also a softer feel to the fabric. High performance in terms of resilience, heat resistance and lifetime of the fibres. Small marks and scratches can be removed by the ironing process.

GTP6 Polyamide Sleeve

The main characteristics of the thermoplastic GTP6 polyamide sleeve are its high elasticity and resilience. Our sleeves are produced using a centrifugal process to ensure perfect homeogeneity of the material. It largely resists against seams and fabric selvedges. Maintenance through the ironing process is quick and easy. Fast and easy replacement of the sleeve using special tools.

GT High Temperature Cover

This cover uses a special formulation between cotton and synthetic fibres, prepared in a particulary way. One of the many advantages of using GTHT cover is that it is able to reach a surface temperature 250°C against the steel roller with max temeprature of 400°C.

TT3 Sleeve FullFlex shell system

Different applications require harder Nip conditions than a standard polyamide shell system can deliver. The FullFlex shell system combined with a composite cover was specially developed for these purposes. Compared to polyamide, the glass fiber reinforced shell has a higher modulus of elasticity and can operate with higher line loads. As a result, the forces in the nip can be better influenced at specific points, while the elasticity of the shell system is retained. In addition, higher surface temperatures are possible compared to polyamide. With different fabric materials it is possible to save some passes through the calender and reduce production costs and time. This type of shell comes standard with a fiber-reinforced cover system, but also different rubber covers for e.g. embossing applications are possible. Our FullFlex system has proven itself over the past decades in numerous applications inside and outside the textile industry.

Other types of covers are available such as woollenpaper, rubber and GT2 Bi-Component (polyamide and rubber)